Unique Environmental Authorization (AUA)

Unique Environmental Authorization

The Unique Environmental Authorization (AUA) is controlled by Presidential Decree 59 of March 13th 2013, becoming law on June 13th 2013.
The Unique Environmental Authorization replaces up to seven different authorization procedures and is addressed to all small and medium companies which are not subject to the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (IEA) and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), but which must obtain or renew at least one of the following titles:
a) Authorisation to discharge waste water
b) Prior notification regarding the agronomic use of livestock manure, wastewater from oil mills and of the waste water from the businesses therein
c) Authorization for emissions into the atmosphere
d) General authorization of emissions into the atmosphere
e) Documentation for forecasting environmental acoustic impact
f) Authorization concerning the use of mud deriving from agricultural depuration processes
g) Communications in the field of wastes according to art. 215 and 216 of Legislative decree 152 of April 3rd 2006

Techne s.r.l. assists its Clients throughout the entire Unique Environmental Authorization development process, offering the necessary technical and administrative support.

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