Integrated Environmental Authorization (IEA)

Integrated Environmental Authorization (IEA)

The Legislative Decree n. 59/2005 provides for measures to prevent or, where this is not possible, to reduce emissions of specific activities in the air, water and land, including measures concerning waste, in order to achieve a high level of protection of the entire environment, leaving untouched the provisions of Directive 85/337/EEC on the assessment of the environment effects of specific public and private projects, as well as other Community requirements.

The above-mentioned Decree regulates the release, renewal and review of Integrated Environmental Authorization (AIA) for plants related to the following activities:
– Energy activities, such as combustion plants, oil refineries, coke ovens
– Metal production and transformation
– Mineral products industry – among these plants for the ceramics industry involving firing (shingles, bricks, etc.)
– Chemical industry
– Waste management, such as waste incineration plants, elimination of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
– Other activities, such as industrial plants for the production of paper and cardboard, intensive poultry and pork livestock, etc.

Techne s.r.l. supports its Clients through all phases of the development of the Integrated Environmental Authorization through the following activities:
– Audits for the analysis of the current authoritative state of the company and checks of the specific regulatory performance of sectors, such as authorizations for emissions into the atmosphere, authorization for the discharging of wastes, management of wastes, etc.
– Best Available Techniques (BAT): checks involving information included into the Guidelines for the identification and use of the Best Available Techniques which are specific to the sector and evaluations of their applicability in specific business contexts
– Writing of all planning reports necessary for the organization and delivery of IEA requests to competent institutions
– Assistance during all phases of the authorization process and dealings with the competent institutions, including the participation of specialised staff in preliminary meetings, in service conference and in all other discussions with the competent authorities.

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