Techne takes care of your plant through a programme of maintenance, monitoring and assistance dealing with the technical, economic and administrative management of the plant according to the power which has been installed.
Techne consulting provides tailor-made maintenance contracts according to client needs and the complexity of the plant. Techne provides the following services:

Management activities: Services related to plant production control and profitability checks
– Daily checks (including on Saturdays and holidays) of plant functionality and production through remote monitoring and in parallel with provider checks
– Services relative to the relationship with the GSE, including Fuel Mix and any invoicing
– Substitute conservation of GSE electronic billing
– Assistance in periodic bureaucracy (Annual Declaration) with the Customs Agency
– Energy consumption and cost control connected to the plant to check the actual impact in the energy savings obtained through an analysis of electric bills and relative documents

Electric maintenance
– Preliminary visit to check plant efficacy
– Three-month/bi-annual visit for electrical maintenance (plant functionality test, overall efficacy of the inverter, wiring, generators, connections and safety devices)
– Intervention in case of malfunctions or damage within 4 hours from the warning
– Replacement of any non-working panels or inverters – material to be paid by the client or under warranty
– Reading of the production and selling counters at the end of the month with communication to the client
– Maintenance reports with relative accounts and production graphs

Techne also provides special maintenance for civil and electrical installations and panel washing according to the needs of each plant.

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Techne s.r.l. è una società di servizi orientati all’innovazione tecnologica, alla sostenibilità globale, alla progettazione di sistemi energetici efficienti, operante da agosto 2010 nel settore delle energie rinnovabili.

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