Techne srl is an Ltd company of services focused on technological innovation, global sustainability, planning of efficient energy systems, which has been working in the field of renewable energies since August 2010.
Thanks to its highly specialized technical and professional competences, Techne provides an integrated management of planning and operating processes, giving clients a complete set of services covering the whole life of the machinery (from the evaluation of the project to production maximization and its subsequent management and maintenance).
Techne srl has a strong partnership with important national companies working in that field and has in a short time become a reference point, increasing its activities beyond the regional borders.

Goals and Target

Techne srl wants to contribute to change the way in which energy is produced and used in houses, offices and companies. Techne srl realises technologically avant-garde solutions managing the sources of energy production and systems in an integrated and energetically efficient way.
Our services range from energetic consulting and consumption management (Energy Management), to the writing of feasibility studies to the realization of turnkey projects. There are different services available according to the contact person to whom they are addressed:

  • Public administrations
  • Offices and industry
  • Residential person
  • Agriculture
  • Accommodation facilities


Referenze e partners

Techne srl 

Via dei Partigiani, 46
06055 Marsciano (PG)
P.IVA 03160080549 - C.F. 03160080549
Tel. 075/8749298

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About us

Techne s.r.l. è una società di servizi orientati all’innovazione tecnologica, alla sostenibilità globale, alla progettazione di sistemi energetici efficienti, operante da agosto 2010 nel settore delle energie rinnovabili.

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